Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Deleted Blog

Hi out there,
In a moment of sadness/madness I just deleted all my posts on this blog.
I really shouldn't have, as it feels like a part of me has died.
I found the web cache of just the first view page.
Not sure how to retrieve the rest of it though.
Sorry to everyone that wants to read some posts that i had put up, all 199 of them.
But, the world is getting very screwed, i have so much on my mind and very busy with a life that is continuing to adapt to more and more external pressure form uncontrollable situations, demands and influences...I'm just going with flow..
I didn't realise what a profound effect deleting all my posts would have on myself.
So anyway, i haven't blogged for many months now, and truly doubt i have the energy to continue..
Maybe i should have backed it up before i deleted it (famous last words or what!)
anyway Cheers and thanks for reading

OK I've figured out how to put up a link to some popular posts..

Thanks anonymous, for the web archive info xx


Dublinmick said...

Here is one of yours I did not let get away. I did the same thing once, deleted the whole blog and started again.

Anonymous said...

I understand the impulse to tear it all down, but I hope others see the effect this action has on you and on those who've faithfully followed your blogging, and those who've yet to discover the information that was furnished here, and refrain from doing something so selfish and/or vein themselves. It's a loss for us and a victory for those whose influence you've so diligently fought in this forum.

A13 said...

Thanks Dubs :)as always x
and Anon @ 12.01pm...
WHY was my action of deleting my posts selfish or vain*????
I did it without those attributes.
I did it for my own reasons that were NOT selfish at all. Please explain why you thought this?
Anyway, the upside is, is that i have a blank slate to start again, which is my prerogative, as it's my blog, my work and my thought/opinions
IMO please identify yourself and not hide behind ANONYMOUS if you want me to take your comment seriously.
I'll BE back.
cheers A13

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I know that was a preachy, self-righteous guilt trip I just laid down. It just pisses me off when people yank their blogs.

I hope you find a sense of balance and peace, whatever you need. Go easy on yourself.

Anonymous said...

A, ya big silly

Didn't anyone ever tell you never to drink and blog? And that goes double for cab sav (smiley winky thing).

And you never backed up on your own hard drive? Ayah! Back up early, back up often.

But never mind. The past is the past and who needs it? Meanwhile the blog is still here and when a thought occurs you can pop in and write it down.

Something to look forward to!

best etc. etc.

A13 said...

Hiya Mr Best etc etc..
yeah, you got it in one champ ;)
Got the day off work and cleaned out my "cyber life" as well as the above mentioned drinky poo ;) (you know me too well) and yeah, the past is the past..and cache is still available for those who want to resurrect some stuff..I'll put up more cached stuff in time. Plus, i also deleted rant lounge as I'll rant again soon. I honestly didn't *think* that i would be affected so damn emotionally getting rid of all the past stuff, hey it was only 18 months or so of my life..but it was fun while it lasted. I'm sure you dig it. I've been in extended hiatus for a while from this gig and need to go in a new direction. you know when things start to get a bit stale, and writing and thoughts don't mesh...well that's what happened.The time factor is also a biggy...wish i had a tardis and was a time lord sometimes ;) Hope all is well and good with you.
and i will in future back up like a proverbial .... you know. Cheers A

A13 said...

Thanks anonymous @ 12.25.
appreciated :)
cheers A13

Anonymous said...

Yikes A13!!

Sorry to hear about that! Oh well, stuff happens and sometimes it's good to start fresh?

Stay well!!


Anon said...

Thank heavens for webcache.

- Aangirfan

Dublinmick said...

A good way to look at this blogging. You don't want to get to a point where you feel it is time to write something, anything, what should I write that is pertinent. That is when you write something that many will find to be of no use and we ourselves wonder why we posted it.

I have gone months without posting anything. Lately I posted a lot. The breaking news blog fits the bill, for posting things I feel all that is needed is a link for something pertinent. That way a bunch time and the focusing of my laser like literary skills are not needed :) :) :)

It was AVOPs that convinced me to open another blog. I had been having a lot of trouble with the google blog anyway. So opened a wordpress, which I highly recommend to anyone blogging.

Eventually something will pop up you think needs some attention. With me, it is no secret I have focused on that big planet out there, hence the blog "here comes the sun" ... second sun. I get those these days who call me an idiot, moron and plant as most likely they think I should focus on the zios 24/7 and lord knows it would be easy to do so with what they are up to, but there are those who do a better job of this than me. There are other matters out there that also need addressing.

So hey get that blog up but don't feel compelled to write anything unless you feel a need to. Remember this internet is truly amazing invention. No time in human history have we been capable of conversing with those on the other side of the planet. There is one man in India who says if I am ever there his house is an open door. Avop says the same and I have actually talked to Chucky and AVOPS on the phone. Chucky says I sound like Sam Elliott !!!!!!!

Dublinmick said...

May I suggest that if you never read another of my posts, get yourself a cold one, stretch back and read this one.I didn't write the gist of it as it is from cosmic convergence but it is timely.

Scroll down and look at the size of this baby in comparison to the earth and Jupiter. All of the ancient cultures cannot be wrong (promise from the Mickster) the Chinese red dragon which grips the universe, the Greek winged globe, the Cheyenne planet of the crossing, Dogon, etc.

There is a lot of misinfo on the web about this. A lot of people don't want this discussed including NASA.

I think Nobody and Peasant quit blogging for awhile also because they got tired of dealing with inept intellects you run into on the web. No reason to quit blogging however, just take a break for awhile. You do run into those who believe their blog and specific focus is going to change the world and make everything alright and they have "awakened". I have to shake my head on this one but it is fun reading anyway.

Stay the course .... the Mickster!

A13 said...

Thanks for the supporting comments :) Yes, web cache is a saving grace in this case Aang :)Cheers A13

Dublinmick said...

Angel, since I have had a few whiskeys, I am back

From the Mickster point of view anyway, I think we are in for major apocalypse. I don't think the big sun will leave one bacteria alive here after what has been done on this planet. That is just my point of view however. No need for anyone else to subscribe to it.

The thing is, it doesn't matter. We are all spirits and we will survive all of this. We have a great opportunity to view something spectacular. We will never forget it.

Someday in the ethereal round we can all laugh and talk about what happened here when the demons thought they had total control. The creator will never let them advance much further. Light always triumphs over darkness, it is just the way it is.

That doesn't mean we are all not being subjected to some unbelievable bullshit at present however. You just have to wade through it.

We are approaching magnanimous times, don't you dare quit blogging now! What will you tell us when we meet in the ethers, I quit at the last minute? No that doesn't sound like you to me!

Forgive me for sounding so personal but I get the feeling I know you.

Dublinmick said...

I had you pegged from day one as someone speaking from the heart! :)

Anonymous said...

If this isn't all of it, it should be pretty close.

A13 said...

Dearest Anonymous 15/11/2013 @ 9.12pm
THANK YOU with all of my heart for finding my posts on web archive.
The google cache doesn't show them any more and i'm at a loss as to how to save them again for posterity.
Thank you again so very much x

peter chamberlin said...

My own inner anarchist nearly caused me to delete No Sunglasses many times, especially when I ponder the futility of writing about the things to come. I realized how selfish that would be of me to eliminate the over 19,000 bits of news, opinion and research that I have accumulated there since 2008. Remembering why I sought-out and posted so many bits of evidence against the American police state, kept me from eliminating the research site that has been constructed for like-minded individuals.

The futility of trying to warn people who would rather not know of an impending apocalypse is an indescribable experience. I keep reminding myself that my own family will also suffer in the approaching collapse of Western civilization and it is possible that educational efforts such as ours may light a small spark of resistance. One day, all rational beings will seek-out a means to resist the dictatorship, perhaps our words will help point the way.